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Published: Tuesday 24 November, 2015

Brothers Charged With Capital Murder In Crawford County Slaying The 5 year old daughter of a murder suspect told Crawford County sheriff's deputies she expected them when they showed up at her father's home.Jonathan Bridgewater, 27, and Nicholas Barrows, 19, both of Rudy, are accused of shooting Jamison Lee Plum, 19, whose body was found June 29 in a shallow grave on property owned by the men's grandmother, according to a sheriff's office report. Both men live on the property in separate residences.On Monday, Bridgewater and Barrows were charged with capital murder in Crawford County Circuit Court, while Barrows also faces a charge of criminal use of a prohibited weapon, in connection with pipe bombs found at his residence during a search by sheriff's deputies, according to the report.When deputies arrived at Bridgewater's home June 29, Bridgewater's daughter began to speak to them."I figured you were coming," the girl told deputies.When Sgt. Brad Marion asked the girl why she expected them, she told Marion that her dad's girlfriend's ex boyfriend would have called. When Marion again asked why, the girl said her dad was mad at him (the girlfriend's ex boyfriend) and they went to get him, according to the report."The juvenile then got occupied with the TV and stopped talking," the report states.Law enforcement were alerted to the possibility of a dead body buried at the property by Bridgewater's then girlfriend Elizabeth Henry, nike soccer cleats for sale who told deputies she was at Bridgewater's home on or about June 24 when she heard a gunshot and scream, according to a search warrant affidavit.Henry said Bridgewater then went into the woods to check on Barrows and when he returned, he told Henry that Barrows fell while hunting and hurt his ankle. Barrows emerged from the woods about 20 minutes later with a shotgun and machete, according to the affidavit.Plum died from multiple gunshot wounds, according to a preliminary autopsy report from the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory.Henry and Bridgewater then drove Barrows to the bottom of the hill and Bridgewater took off his shirt and used it when he retrieved the shotgun at Barrows' request and took it to Barrows.Later that same day, Bridgewater asked Henry to go for a walk in the woods, and as they walked he asked her if she'd ever seen a dead body and took her to Plum's body, which was under a tarp, according to the affidavit.Later in the week, Bridgewater told Henry he'd buried the body, but a leg was sticking out of the ground and he was going to have to "break it off and burn it."Henry called law enforcement to do a "stand by" while she retrieved her property from Bridgewater's residence on June 29 because she was afraid of him, and then told them about the body Bridgewater showed her, according to a sheriff's office report."(After showing her Plum's body) Henry said that Bridgewater then told her that there were at least 10 more bodies buried on the property and that he's been killing people since he was 14 years old," according to the report.When he was taken into custody, Bridgewater told deputies his work enforcing "country law" wasn't much different from their work, according to the report. He described enforcing country law as getting paid to hurt people and that he had done much worse than hurt people.

Available reports don't include any statements Barrows made if any but include Nike Magista Obra FG information from an interview with a man in the detention center with Barrows.Jordan Whitney, 31, who is charged with second degree domestic battery against a minor, aggravated assault against a family/household member and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a minor, told investigators that Barrows was speaking openly about Plum's death.Barrows said he shot Plum first in the chest with a three inch slug and then in the head with 2 inch buck shot, and that while he chambered the buck shot, Plum was lying on the ground begging Barrows not to shoot, according to a sheriff's office report.Whitney said Barrows told him that he and Bridgewater had talked for a week about killing Plum and mentioned handing Plum a machete before they walked into the woods, while Barrows carried a shotgun. After killing Plum, Barrows and Bridgewater decided to bury him at night, so their grandmother wouldn't get suspicious, according to the report.Whitney said Barrows also mentioned they took Plum's tennis shoes and wallet. Henry told investigators that Bridgewater told her the same thing, telling her the shoes were black and green Nikes. A search warrant return shows black and green Nike tennis shoes were recovered from the home.On July 12, investigators met with a man, Mykel Bridges, who told them Barrows said he intended to kill Plum, but Bridges thought Barrows was just talking and really wasn't going to do anything, according to a report.Barrows told him he didn't like how Plum was treating Plum's girlfriend, according to Bridges' statement. Plum and two guys with Plum, described by Barrows as "skinheads," pulled guns on Barrows about two weeks earlier, Bridges told police.Bridges said he told Plum what Barrows said, and Plum said he and Barrows were "cool" but he promised Bridges he wouldn't go back to Barrows' property, according to the report.Another man, Lane Ball, told investigators that Barrows told him he intended to shoot Plum about two months before Plum was killed, and Barrows liked Plum's girlfriend. Barrows also told Lane that Plum raped the girl, according to a report. Nothing in documents obtained from the prosecutor's office indicate any evidence was found to support Barrows' rape allegation.Zane Turman told investigators he was friends with Plum in school, although they grew apart after graduation, and he knew Barrows.

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