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Published: Monday 25 April, 2016

Nike MagistaX Proximo Street IC Total Orange Persian Violet Laser Orange WhitePretty of course Brazilian Jewelry Designer Daniela Zagnolli Every designer Cool Soccer Cleats needs inspiration which is only the inspiration that really gives the needed push. And it's then the ideas that linger in the inner realms take a final form. While some take inspiration from other designer collections meanwhile some have their own way of taking inspiration from the surrounding no matter wherever they are. So it is now clear that commitment can be from anything. However what needs to be remembered is always that majority of designers take their inspiration from nature which is naturally the first and best teacher. It sounds surprising that we now have designers whose only inspiration from nature. They are enough of them who find contemplation in elements of nature namely wind, The sun, Water and earth quickly. They study the actual pattern and reflect the same thing in their designs. Even the colors motivate to a great extent for instance you will find several designers who closely follow the nature and reflect the color and texture in their works. So it is automobile that for scores of designers the main source of idea is nature apart from many things. Daniela Zagnolli is inspired by factor about nature, Its living pests, And their particular shapes. I chatted with the Brazilian jewelry designer who launched her line recording via email. Her designs are a good accent for your spring/summer wardrobe, And Daniela is offering Everything She Wants readers a 20 percent discount on her fab products like Necklaces for women and Faux Fur Handbags,Bracelets and cuffs ladies etc, Go to her website and go into the discount code spring2011.

ESW: Think being a Brazilian designer makes your jewelry stand out? Professional Brazilian women fashion jewelry with quality and precious stones, Artificial buff, And other organic products. The rich mix off Brazilian culture, The gorgeous Brazilian landscape, And the happiness of the Brazilian people turn on in Brazilian jewelry, Which helps set it apart from other jewelry that can be found. Again its not that the contemporary style is ignored it is equally given relevance. However as mentioned above the emphasis is more on blending culture and reflecting the new age aspirations. A style traces its origin in its culture and culture traces is origin folks, Morals, Viewpoints, Nature and lots of besides. So it's quite evident that culture plays a huge role in influencing style and many things besides. ESW: How do Women products and fashion styles differ in Brazil? Currently plus more similarities than there are differences between American and Brazilian fashion trends. There are differences but also there is deep respect for cross cultures and it's this that is really inspiring new things. They are both using a mixture of innovative styles using new exotic materials, And in the mean time there is Nike MagistaX Proximo Street IC Total Orange Persian Violet Laser Orange White a retro movement with a nostalgia for styles from the past. When we juxtapose to trends one the old and one the contemporary one will understand that the trends are nothing but an amalgamation of old style taking a new form and this is what is worth it to read. Every style deeply reflects some part of culture aspects and this is true from Brazilian jewelry. ESW: What material goods do you use? It needs to be understood that the usage of the materials greatly depends on the kind of design one is looking to get. Although every time there is a design we use assorted organic materials and semi precious stones. However our current line is mostly characterized by natural cowhide adorned with Swarovski crystals and gold plated brass.

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