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Published: Wednesday 02 March, 2016

Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Men Soccer Cleats Black White Gold WebsitesArtificial turf raising real concerns In less than six weeks, a new artificial turf field at Minoru Park is scheduled to open, including two soccer pitches and a baseball diamond. But before that multi million dollar project is completed, city staff and local politicians will be taking a hard second look at whether that field is as safe as can be for the general public. An NBC News investigation nike mens soccer cleats sale earlier this month cast the spotlight on the synthetic black granules local soccer parents know all too well, which serve as the base of the synthetic grass blades. From Hugh Boyd's massive artificial turf field, to the ones at King George Park and Richmond Secondary School, the city has invested heavily in the all weather fields which reduce annual maintenance costs since there's no need to mow and water them, and can be used nearly 12 months of the year, save for when it snows or during freezing temperatures. Those rubber beads from these artificial turf fields end up virtually everywhere, carried inside soccer socks, shoes and uniforms from local soccer pitches into cars and minivans and eventually transported home. The granules do the job normally done by soil, propping up plastic grass blades and helping to absorb impacts and falls. Made from recycled vehicle tires, the granules contain known carcinogens, such as arsenic, cadmium, nickel and benzene as well as mercury. The issue came to light after the associate head coach of the University of Washington's women's soccer team, Amy Griffin, came forward with concerns earlier this year when two players from her squad came down with rare cancers. She told NBC News that while bringing one of her players for chemotherapy treatment, the nurse greeted them by saying, "Don't tell me you guys are goalkeepers. That is so crazy, you're like the fourth goalkeeper I've hooked up this week." According to NBC News, Griffin has compiled a list of 38 soccer players with cancer, 34 of which are goalkeepers, who play a position that more frequently compared to other positions puts them in contact with the rubber beads as they dive and slide to make saves and tackles. The granules often come in contact with their skin, sometimes their mouth.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie told The Review Monday that he's asked staff to Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Black White Gold Websites look at the issue. All the reports that city staff have received, and the word from the manufacturer, is that the products are safe and well tested, Brodie said. But given the fact that the new field at Minoru will be used for many years by many people, Brodie said he wants to make sure it's done right, and with the right products. "Do it once, do it right," he said. According to Martin Wright, from Astroturf Canada, there's no scientific evidence linking crumb rubber to negative health effects. Wright said the three new fields at Minoru Park will have 500,000 pounds of crumb rubber placed on it in the coming weeks. "If we thought there was a safety factor, we wouldn't be selling it. We certainly don't want a world class player injured on our field," he said, noting there are thousands of artificial turf fields around the world. When told about Nike Grind, an alternative to crumb rubber that is made from recycled running shoe soles and is held to higher health standards since it comes into regular contact with the human body, Mayor Brodie said staff will look at whether that is a feasable solution. But he cautioned against the public reacting hastily. He said there are also examples where the substitutes are later found to be just as bad, or worse. Opting to rip out an existing artificial turf field, and replacing it with something that's currently viewed as safer can lead to other negative environmental consequences, such as exposing a neighbourhood to dust during that replacement process. But taking the precautionary principal for a future field, such as at Minoru Park which is still weeks away from completion, may be a reasonable thing to do, he said, since it eliminates known carcinogens from the equation. That's an important consideration, with tens or hundreds of thousands of children figuring to use the field over its lifetime, he said. Brauer said most studies of crumb rubber have found that while it contains hazardous substances, the risk of exposure is not of concern. The other concern with crumb rubber is not so much skin contact, but with ingesting and inhaling tiny dust particles of crumb rubber. And while there's no proof that crumb rubber is hazardous, Brauer agreed that absence of proof doesn't mean proof of absence. And he noted that even if it affects all people in a minor way, for argument's sake, the total impact to society could be huge. Coun. Bill McNulty said he would like the city to take a precautionary approach, erring on the safe side.

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