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Published: Monday 22 February, 2016

Nike Youths Mercurial Superfly CR7 FG Cleats Black White Total Crimson StoreAngelfish with large growth Hi Linda, I have and Angelfish with a huge fibromatous looking growth on it's upper lip. This is the 2nd angel this has happened to in my tank. I have treated it for septicemia because it does have a Nike Youths Mercurial Superfly CR7 FG Black White Total Crimson Store smal red streak down it's back, to no avail. The growth keeps growing and my previous angel died because it could not eat. Advice on another website suggested I cut it off, but am afraid, don't want to kill him.

He iw otherwise healthy and can still eat if he sucks the food in. Nike Youths Soccer Cleats Do you know what this could be?? I can send a pic if it would help you, I took a good one. Thanks so much for your time. KathyI would not try to cut this off, unless you are sure you can do this. If you try this, make sure your hands are always wet when touching the Angel. This is most likely a tumor, but as long as she is eating, there is no problem. There is no cure for this. It is much like us, when we get a tumor. It could also be a boil, if it is, it will come to a head on it's own. Do not try to squeeze it, as this would be extremely painful. I would let her be, and hope for the best. I'm sorry.

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