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Published: Friday 29 January, 2016

Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG White Black Red SiteAn Open Letter to the Lac Seul First Nation Band Membership I am writing to you today on behalf of the entire Lac Seul First Nation Council in order to ensure we keep all band members, on and off reserve, informed of recent events. Late this afternoon Chief Clifford Bull and Council met with Garnet Angeconeb and other members of the band, in hopes of finding a resolution to issues raised by this group. Unfortunately no solution was agreed to so Chief Bull and Council have asked the highly regarded Justice Murray Sinclair to mediate between nike soccer cleats us the Council and Garnet to find a resolution to this situation. Justice Sinclair has kindly agreed and will be in contact with both parties. Until these meetings take place the Council has asked all members to refrain from taking any further action until the meetings have concluded and a resolution has been reached. On September 11, Garnet Angeconeb sent an email to the Chief and Council announcing his intention to begin a hunger strike if the Council did not immediately sever all ties with the law firm of Keshen Major of Kenora Ontario. Garnet Angeconeb, is concerned that Douglas Keshen of the law firm of Keshen and Major is currently being investigated for alleged mishandling of residential school claims. Instead of severing the 30 year relationship the band has had with Keshen Major, the Chief and Council passed a Band Council Resolution suspending all ties with Mr. Douglas Keshen until the IRSSA investigation has concluded and a verdict rendered. By suspending the services of Douglas Keshen as primary legal counsel for the Band, we have taken immediate action and signalled that we will not tolerate any actions that would further burden survivors of Residential Schools. However at the same time we have an obligation to protect the rights of all band members and not put in jeopardy the work the law firm is conducting on behalf of all of our citizens.

As Chief and Council, we all know the suffering, hardship and the trauma that was encountered by our people and it was an experience no children should have ever had to endure. The experience of the survivors of residential schools is one of the darkest periods Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG White Black Red in our nation's history. Please be assured that myself and all members of Council would never condone or be part of any action that would re victimize our people who experienced severe suffering and trauma as a result of attending these schools. However, as the duly elected Council of the Lac Seul First Nation, we must place the health and welfare of the entire band membership first before any one individual. If we lost this focus on the community, we would not be fulfilling our sworn duty to act in the best interests of the entire membership. We fully believe that it would be extremely harmful to members of the band to sever all relations with the law firm at this time, given it could put at risk upcoming court cases and settlements that have been in negotiation far too long. We recognize Garnet's concern and passion for the survivors of residential schools and we thank him for it. Our Council believes the right action is being taken, that is that the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat, an independent body, is investigating the allegations against Douglas Keshen. Please be assured that whatever action is recommended by this investigation the Council will take immediate action. In closing, it is our desire to work with Garnet and find a solution to this issue that will not put our future settlements in jeopardy and rob the future of our children.

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