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Published: Monday 11 January, 2016

jumps on Microsoft buyout rumor A buyout rumor has once more given a lift to ( +9.8%): This time, Fudzilla (citing "industry sources") states Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is "seriously talking" to the hard luck chipmaker about acquiring it. A number of buyout rumors have come and gone over the years without panning out. KitGuru reported in June Microsoft "may acquire" . was previously trading near breakeven in spite of an upgrade to Market Perform from Bernstein's Stacy Rasgon, who argued bad news has been priced in and that "the possibility of a lifeline may be growing." Small investors can't move the market. This is a concerted effort by media. Speculation about the path may take with Radeon coupled with a semi reasonable rumour regarding Microsoft and throw in some Intel flavor along with it. If MS wants Nike MercurialX Proximo TF Urban Lilac Black Bright Mango to buy why go through the motions of a corporate mod? But prepping for a Radeon tracking stock would first require reorganization of the GPU unit to allow profit to clearly be accounted for the new issue. A tracking stock does not change valuation, it just creates a new issue to track a better performing division. Share holders would benefit as they would receive shares much the same way a stock splits. A 20% buy in could be supported by a tracking stock without diluting existing shares. But that is speculation too. After you achieve what you was working on you say "I did it" and look for a new challenge, forgetting that you have to sell and transform this R in money revenue and profit ! Now this reorganization may be related as you mention to the cash infusion and the controlled stock and thus you need to create this separated group. Which in my view also offload the CPU division from taking care of APUs and let them focus on CPU for desktops and server at least initially, in some point again they need one each other for new SoC based on ZEN ! is less of a "I figured it out" and more of a "OMG they actually bounced back, I don't believe it" kind of stock. Unless you have insider information on their future earnings, the more logical analysis of their balance sheet would point to this company going belly up in I own an extremely small position in , but I look at it more as a thank you to the company for their products I've enjoyed over the years. It's more of a donation than anything at this point.

If they rebound then I'll be happy of course, but I fully expect them not to. Nor does it actually have impact on the company. It is just a trading vehicle and a potential financial vehicle for owners of the company. Which most are under water and will wait it out. As many have preferred shares so they will get some return from a bankruptcy while common gets wiped out. Also by now they more than likely have been selling calls forever on to make returns back on their stock. That is another thing about its options market is one of the worst I have ever seen. The 50 cent spreads is one of the most pathetic ive seen on a 2.00 stock. But anyway ZEN OY ZEN. Somebody down at is gonna have to slob on some knobs and round up some funding or its game over. If they are really spinning that company off they will just let main bankrupt and wipe everyone out and keep chugging along small tight"May be you are right on selling part of Radeon division " If issues a tracking stock, they are not selling Radeon, just accounting for it separately from . The separate accounting is issued as a tracking stock. stock loses the valuation and overhead that Radeon currently carries and the new issue is based ONLY on Radeon. Inc. does not sell Radeon they just take Radeon off of the balance sheet and create a new one for the issue. At any time can fold Radeon back into stock by granting shares of in a par Nike MercurialX Proximo exchange. Intel is making nice profits because its PC position. I mean, since Apple designs its own iOS chips,it probably makes its iPad chips for like 20 bucks or less but when it needs to go to Intel for a processor to power its Mac products, its probably paying over $100. 's so far behind that it can't even compete with Intel, giving Intel the best profits ever. It'd be more likely if were to receive some risky investment rather than to be bought out. If ZEN is good enough, MSFT do not needs Intel !Sell the complete PKG OS + HARDWARE, similar to APPLE

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