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Published: Monday 04 January, 2016

Bonnie Fuller struggles to live with loss after her son Bonnie Fuller always figured she'd have a premonition if one of her children were ever in danger. A chill down her spine, a twinge in her neck, a loss of breath. But there is no warning on Jan. 31, 2000. Roused by soft music on her clock radio that cloudy Monday morning, Bonnie rolls out of bed at 4:30 and into another day. Even with the usual bumps, things could hardly be better for her. At 51, she has her health, a good job, a loving husband. Her three children are grown nike indoor soccer shoes and promise her grandchildren. After a shower, she dresses, pours a cup of coffee and leaves her home near Graham. She pulls into Boeing's Frederickson plant shortly before 6 for her shift assembling tail sections of airplanes. During her afternoon break, Bonnie excitedly tells a friend that her son and his fiancee are flying home from a three week vacation in Mexico. "They're traveling right now," she thinks, noticing it's around 1:30. An hour later Bonnie's shift ends and she heads off in her green, 1999 Dodge Ram pickup to her physical therapist. As her son's plane skirts the coastline northwest of Los Angeles, she's enduring a painful session on her shoulder, damaged after years of heavy lifting at work. On the drive home about 5, she tunes the radio to the news. The station carries vague, hurried reports about a plane crash off the California coast. Back in her kitchen, crowded with knickknacks and cooking pots, Bonnie chats on the phone as she starts dinner. She ignores her call waiting, thinking it's her husband, Rick, calling to needle her about fouling up at work and bringing down another Boeing jet. "What flight are the kids coming back on tonight?" Rick asks. Bonnie's heart races. She doesn't know. She starts making phone calls. She leaves frantic messages at her son's Seattle home, trying to reach the house sitter who has the information. Stunned, she sways in front of the TV and watches news updates. A jetliner has crashed into the ocean. There are no signs of survivors. The plane was headed to Seattle. She drops to her knees. Please, God, she prays, don't let my son be on that plane. After two tense hours, he reaches the house sitter, who checks the flight itinerary and comes back sobbing. Rick hangs up the phone and grasps Bonnie. Bonnie buckles. Only Rick keeps her from falling.

The couple alerts their 26 year old daughter, Tori, and the family rushes to Sea Tac Airport. No one says much during the long drive through the darkness. In Bonnie's mind, desperate optimism fights with her sense of reality. "It was just a mistake," she tells herself over and over. "They're fine." When the family reaches the airport, Bonnie finds herself in the middle of a maze of reporters and TV camera crews. Alaska Airlines employees and security guards meet them. Rick, 56, quietly directs his wife through the crowd, supporting her with a hand and a steady demeanor. A wide eyed Tori silently follows with her boyfriend, Dave Stone. The employees whisk the family up an elevator and into a meeting room slowly filling with friends and relatives of passengers on Flight 261. Bonnie and her family sit at one of the tables and wait. At one point, an Alaska employee introduces himself. He asks for the name of their "traveler," then walks off to check the passenger list. The family prays Monte Donaldson, 31, and Colleen Whorley, 34, are not on it. While the Fullers wait they spot a man who resembles Colleen. They speak and learn he's Colleen's brother, Todd. He joins them and they wait some more. In the meantime, Bonnie calls her other daughter,Nike Mercurial Victory V IC Desirae Donaldson, who goes to school in San Francisco. She reaches the 29 year old Desirae on her cell phone and tells her middle child to sit down. "That airplane that went down, we think Monte and Colleen are on it," Bonnie says. "They just can't be on it," Desirae replies, her words rushing out. "They just can't be." "We're hoping that, too," Bonnie says. After several minutes, the Alaska employee confirms Bonnie's worst fear Monte and Colleen are listed on the flight. Bonnie's head falls into her hands, the bad news plunging her heart into blackness. The next morning, dark clouds hang low over the family's homestead, six acres of land lined with fenced pastures and alive with animals.

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