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Published: Monday 26 March, 2018

Wrapping around the western and northern borders of Anchorage, the neighborhood comprises lots no smaller than 21 acres, and one of them appears to provide an open, level field over which a car could travel to within 100 feet of where Morgan's remains were discovered all while remaining out of the sightline of the nearby mansions. And according to another Blandemar resident, police spent a significant period of time analyzing and photographing the area around the cul de sac that leads to the field. Even if someone could have driven so close, he or she would still have had to traverse those last 100 feet on foot in order to cross a creek and, according to the resident, multiple barbed wire Nike Magista Obra II FG barriers. "It would be very difficult," says the resident, who requested anonymity.

Despite such ardor, Morgan Harrington ended up in the corner of a cowfield which, the owner says, is accessible only by off road vehicle. And that, says a criminal profiler, is a clue of its own into the assailant's identity. "They'd probably need to know that area," says former FBI profiler Mark Safarik, noting that in order to dispose of a body, "killers will travel a distance to go someplace that's familiar to them." As police hunt for the killer, Safarik says, they will very likely check or recheck the alibis of any nearby sex offenders. A review of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry reveals six men with North Garden addresses, ranging from a 20 year old repeat offender, whose juvenile convictions for rape and sexual battery remain sealed, to a 79 year old whose failing health seems apparent Nike Magista Obra Soccer Cleats from the oxygen tubes visible in his online registry photo. Two of the six registered offenders live in the Pine Grove Adult Home less than three miles from Anchorage Farm south on 29. The closest offender is the 20 year old, who lives 1.7 miles away, as the crow flies, from the site Harrington's body was discovered.

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