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Published: Saturday 24 March, 2018

Ivy Academia charter schools under analysis Your kids does NOT attend Ivy. So you have no personal perception of anything. It may appear to be your a friend or have something to gain through your support. The school will be shut down more often than not. The IRS and US Attorneys Office will be contacted for I feel my federal tax dollars occur to be wasted. The non profit status is likely to be revoked and the operators will have a huge persoanl tax liability. But to trust you is a Nike HypervenomX Proximo II predominant personal statement without a merit unless You have something to gain(That you really need words). You sow slander and judgment just like you knew every detail of this matter? The majority of these posts are full of ignorance and hatered, Constructed of wrong motives.

Its interesting to see how the only people who write negeatively about this school is A)Former employees possess fired B)Former bitter people C)IGNORANT some moat people that have nothing to do with this school.Ivy continues to provide outstanding education with or with out her President and founders. Do the job! school, A public group. It will take a lot to bring Ivy out of the image. Ivy's schedule continues to be same.I have a couple of questions to all the Ignorant families: Have you stoped to think an individual decide to spread your venom of 1. Everyone in your faculty? 3. The founder's wife and kids? It's very unsensitive for ignorant people to speak out stupidity while there is more people involve in this case, Than just what you read in news bulletins reports.Lets try to put inside us a teachers shoes, In a men and women shoe, In the leaders shoes, In their kids shoes. I think they have enough to manage. Leave them alone; More than a sufficient amount of persecution! It is not to defend any one, You might also read the news reports but Nike HypervenomX Proximo II DF TF Soccer Cleats Grey Black who are you to judge? The hip spot you there? What if industry to you? Lets pretend we are still humans for a little bit and be more responsive to the case. Knowing is not your/our job. Hand it over to the court they can do that!ps. Judging someones grammar on blogs exactly like it, Specially a 7th graders grammer is the most rediculous thing I have appreciate. GET A LIFE folks! Its a blog no one cares how you're posting. I guess that was the only come back put on think off. If you call yourself an adult leave the family alone.

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