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Published: Friday 15 December, 2017

Canucks aren't out of it yet The streets of Vancouver were quieter this week than many Vancouverites probably thought they'd be, what with the Canucks getting their lunch handed to 'em down in Boston, in the Stanley Cup final. After winning the first two games of the series, Vancouver had a huge opportunity to gain a steely grip on the final, but the Bruins had other plans. The Canucks aren't out of it; Friday night's pivotal Game 5 was shaping up to be monumental, as all NHL games are once we get past April and if Vancouver managed to get a win last night, they would not only be feeling much better about themselves, they'd be 60 minutes away from hoisting the greatest trophy in sports. Two way street there, isn't it? Boston right now look stronger and tougher, and the Canucks might be just like the Canucks of old, only one round later than usual. The Canucks defence struggled adidas Predator Mania Champagne FG in Boston, goaltender Roberto Luongo had puck stopping problems and the Bruins got back in the series with two solid wins on home ice thanks largely to goalie Tim Thomas. Luongo may not be all that. He may not even be close to all that. Most of the goals weren't Luongo's fault in Game 4, but you've gotta make a save, dude. When Red Wings fans sing along to "Don't Stop Believin'" it sounds natural, because of that "born and raised in south Detroit" line. When Bruins fans sing it, the song is not. quite. right. I'd almost testify before the Almighty that the same guy programs the music for every NHL rink. The News is asking Johnny Miles participants to send in submissions "Why I Run." Good idea, but allow me to offer my own, albeit with a different slant on things. We'll call it "Why I Don't Jog" because the word "running" took the place of the word "jogging" some years back and it bugs me for some reason. Most people in the Johnny Miles Event Weekend are jogging, not running, unless they've organized some sprints at the Johnny Miles just lately. Donovan Bailey would run.

Carl Lewis would run. Rafael Nadal did some running in last Sunday's French Open final, but he forced Roger Federer to do more, which isn't good if you're a tennis player. Jogging helps you stay in shape for tennis, but if you're running a lot in a tennis match you're likely getting beat. Nadal won his sixth title at the French, and he may win a few more in Paris before he's finished. 2. I usually have to stop after a couple of minutes because my lungs are on fire. 3. I don't have a good Ipod. I'm not even sure if Ipods are still fashionable, or if I'm spelling it right. Upper case P? adidas Predator Soccer Cleats I would Google this, if I actually cared. 4. I don't have the right kind of socks. 5. It's boring, which is the ultimate deal breaker, trumping all the good things derived from jogging, most importantly the health aspects, the stress busting activity that melts calories fast if you're at all diligent with jogging. I am offering a sincere "sorry" to all you people who jog religiously, the ones you see in the winter in their tight clothes (not always attractive, although we see worse) but I am just not into it. Tried a hundred times probably, but it's not fun and if a sport isn't fun, why even bother? They've been showing TV clips of LeBron James giving his Miami Heat teammates pep talks prior to games in the NBA Finals. These are supposed to be inspiring, but with James, not so much. He's rather boring and not a natural leader, to be blunt about it. The stacked Heat are trailing the Dallas Mavericks 3 2 in the series and have to win two games both at home to avoid embarrassment. The Heat might pull it off, but a few million Ohioans are major Mavs fans right now.

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