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Published: Wednesday 29 November, 2017

Bus drivers wearing jeans to be certain Transit and the Canadian Auto Workers Local 333 still embroiled in contract pay outs, Victoria's bus drivers have now completed their third week of driving uniformfree and groundbreaking, i was say that I straightup love it. Quite in addition to the fact that it gives our stodgylooking, Cargowearing transit operators a revitalizing"Friday day to day" Atmosphere, It ensures that all of us who gets on a bus knows what the score is. adidas ACE 17.3 Primemesh IC I do not think I'm surprising anyone when I say that I'm a big ol' lefty. I tend to fit those who strike for pay raises and benefits, And I think that job action is needed if workers want to be treated fairly.

There is however no denying that strikes can be a downright pain, And thus far, The bus drivers of Victoria have been doing their best to avoid a strike while publicizing their disappointment with what CAW says is an unfair situation. The absence of uniforms is a nonaggressive, Nonconfrontational way of voicing their discontentment. I think they need to get points for that(Although some people are apparently concerned that any random person off the street could in an instant commandeer a bus, Now that our drivers are not easily identifiable). It's their way of reminding the busgoing public that they might be be doing their jobs. Often, Strikers lose public sympathy simply because strikes are inconvenient throughout us. adidas ACE 17.3 Primemesh IC Soccer Shoes Now that weather has turned, Losing public support is more of a danger if CAW does choose strike.

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