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Published: Friday 17 November, 2017

But after wedding party letter about the shoes, Parents found that some summer tournaments also not been paid for. Always thought when we wrote checks to Lady Titan tennis it went to Boylan, Jeanne Ludeke talked about. Didn know until this year that it went to a personal account of Kim Connell and then we noticed mistakes. McMahons took their concerns to Boylan hoping Connell would step down. Weren seeking the money, Lisa McMahon had to talk about. Just didn want her instructing our girls. Were advised the Lady Titan Account was Connell private account. That transacts during the summer is between the coaches, Lipinski asserted. School is not to do with it. McMahons then contacted the authorities. The police surveyed several Boylan officials Dec. 5, Such as parents of three Titan starters, And wrote a written report Dec. 10 saying Connell bounced checks to pay for a couple of Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG summer tourneys. It also said Connell admitted at a senior parent meeting in early November before the summer season began, That she used the Lady Titan funds to her home from being in foreclosure process. County court public records show Chase twice filed claims against her house in the past three years and three smallclaims cases were filed against her. Awfully a hardship on a single teacher to financially make it at Boylan, Connell thought. Lisa McMahon told: Many years of having huge money issues. She involved us in her diseases. Police ranking also said: Connell was willing to discuss the account and that Lipinski advised her that she did not have to cooperate with a study. It also said Connell maintained the overhead for running the event was paid, All what's left(sic) Money was her money for wages and leading the camps. Definitely might not discuss specifics.

Not at liberty to debate all the minor things. Connell considered that, I wasn busted. I wasn charged nearly anything. Daddy Lipinski and(Athletic home) Paul Heitkamp have dealt with me in pro manner. Police send, Obtained last month through the Freedom expertise Act, Determined it a moral and ethical issue, Not criminal because Boylan covered those bounced checks and the parents got what they paid for when the girls played in summer events at Harlem, Maine West and tn. Boylan haven't, Actually, Paid the university or college of Tennessee for the Pat Summitt team camp in June. Connell such as denied owing money for that camp, And Boylan principal dismissed the situation. As well as college of Tennessee has not contacted us at all, Lipinski reported. Easy with Boylan High School at all. Is with tn. Lady Vols assistant coach Dean Lockwood said in a phone interview Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Boots Wednesday that Connell told him three days before the beginning of camp that she could not pay the $2,585 entry fee for 11 Boylan players because she was the victim of identity theft and her accounts had been frozen. Asked if they may just come in and make it up afterward, Lockwood claimed. Work lifestyles were all made. We come across very credible coaches. We had never dealt most things like this. The garment had been new ground. We took them at their word and organize them in on their good graces. Consort with, We haven seen one dollar from it and I didn listen to the Boylan coach all season. It dissatisfactory it gone this long. A set of two hundred bucks here, 50 bucks correct, That all it would take to show a real effort is being made. Currently, You feel you are being cheated. Said he finally got a contact from Connell last weekend, Saying she would definitely resign and the debt with her and not the school, But she was ready for a new job so she could eventually pay the debt.

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