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Published: Friday 20 October, 2017

BTC denominated vs fiat denominated stock exchange Ordinary investors (in USA where there is no SEPA) use ACH transfers or checks to fund their brokerage accounts. ACH transfers take 3 business days and adidas Nemeziz Messi 17.1 FG Soccer Cleats make no progress on the weekends. After this is in the brokerage account it takes another 3 days for the cash to "settle". So in an extreme case where there is a holiday weekend, a money transfer to a stock exchange (with the intent to buy stock based on new time sensitive information) on a Thursday will takeOn Software as a Service bitcoin denominated stock exchanges (this is also known as "centralized") this takes just a few confirmations which will average an thirty minutes (3 confirmations) to an hour (6 confirmations) to fund an account, and the bitcoin is immediately then available for trading. For trades requiring less time to profit, the user can limit exchange risk by withdrawing their bitcoin from an exchange when they are not using it, and this only takes another the time for it to confirm to their personal addresses.

Using ACH transfer from a fiat exchange will again require 3 business day cash settlement time (for stock sells, derivatives have 1 business day cash settlement time) and an additional 3 business days to reach their actual bank account. If this investor is using a check from the brokerage, the time is further compounded by an 3 business days in snail mail. But Wire/SWIFT transfers obviously aren't much better, due to the cash settlement time before the transfer happens. On a decentralized exchange (using mastercoin protocol, counterparty, or colored coins), one does not need to "deposit" bitcoin at all, but the sacrifice being the stock trades themselves are at the mercy of the confirmation speed, so many kinds of trading (time sensitive under 30 minutes) Adidas Nemeziz 17.1 FG are not practical, but investing and swing trading is. Colored Coin protocol does not have this sacrifice. On decentralized exchanges AML is impossible barring some future invention that attempts to make some bitcoin tainted to the entire network. 2) More liquid and greater fungibility: Investment funds can be spent for goods and services, indistinct from a personal wallet's funds. On fiat stock exchanges, brokerages create investment accounts where cash has to "settle" and be transferred to a bank account before it can be spent on goods and services. We have already established that this can take two weeks.

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