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Published: Friday 18 December, 2015

Bikes and Bicycling in Oxford Oxford a city of cyclists Oxford nike indoor soccer shoes is known for being a city of cyclists; William Morris (Lord Nuffield, not the Arts Crafts chap) started out as a bike mechanic before founding his car factory. You'll see all sorts of bikes, including Oxford's own bicycle rickshaw company, Oxoncarts, though sadly postie bikes are now obsolete. A familiar sight around the city most mornings are the many pedal powered means for getting children to school, including tiny bike seats, tagalongs, one and a half person tandems, child trailers, and dutch bikes with integrated children carrying pods. According to Oxford City Council: In 2011 17% of Oxford residents in employment usually cycled to work. For hospital staff there's a Borisbike style scheme. Currently it's installed at various points in Headington, including the various hospital campuses. Cycle routes For cycle routes across the city, there are excellent maps produced by Oxford City Council and Cyclox. It's a mix of cycle routes, cycle lanes on the road or pavement, subways and bridges to cross A roads, and backroads either rarely used by cars or bollarded at one end. Cyclox is the voice of cycling in Oxford, and are regularly consulted by the council eg over new road layouts. It's not all work there's a lot of leisure cycling too. For bike and cycling related events on Daily Info see here. It helps that Oxfordshire is criss crossed by National Cycle Network routes. Route 5 (Reading to Holyhead via Oxford and Stratford upon Avon) runs North South and borrows some of the canal towpath north of Wolvercote. There are also several East West routes including Route 51 to Essex, and Route 57 from Cricklade to Welwyn Garden City. Many smaller routes, the cycle equivalent of B roads also start or cross the county. lovely, especially along the canal in London if you have sturdy tyres Many websites exist to record good routes around the county. Some are the work of one keen cyclist, others a forum style agglomeration by many.

The Oxfordshire page of a national forum of recommended cycle routes has a wide selection and the Cycling Routes Oxford blog includes an excellent route to London (via the old A40 and the Grand Union Canal) which has been successfully navigated by Daily Info's resident long distance cyclist and pronounced lovely, especially along the canal in London, if you have sturdy tyres. There's even a website dedicated to an Oxford Cambridge cycle route. Even then the lock needs to be sturdy and it helps if your bike is not a desirable model, or is painted distinctively (random dabs of coloured paint on your frame and spokes can do wonders to bring down your bike's steal appeal). Do keep a record of the frame number, and do photograph your shiny new bike in case you need a photo later. It's still recommended you mark your postcode on your bike frame in several places, one hidden. If you need it, there's a link at the bottom of this page to the Oxfordshire section of a national Stolen Bike website. What seems like reasonable visibility in the open air can be dramatically reduced by a car Nike Mercurial Superfly Indoor Soccer Shoes windscreen. Oxford has a heart breakingly high rate of bicycle vs bus accidents. And the police can issue on the spot fines for lightless cyclists; they are particularly fond of checking near start of university term, and when the clocks change, so don't be caught out. In 2011 in Oxfordshire 52 cyclists were killed or seriously injured. Oxford East, Oxford West Abingdon constituencies accounted for 33 of those. There are often bike workshops at farmers' markets (including Wolvercote on Sunday mornings) or there's the very marvellous Broken Spoke bike co op which will lend you tools and masses of expertise for a small fee, and also organises specific workshops on things like taking apart your Derailleur gear, aligning spokes, and even striping down a and re building Sturmey Archey hub gears (the perfect present for the budding Hubstripper in the family).

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