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Published: Friday 29 September, 2017

Bristol street drinking attack The company began in Stokes Croft at 11.30am recently, When Nike Soccer Boots uniformed officers approached someone drinking alcohol on steps outside the Bristol Drugs Project building. On seeing the officers, One man immediately attemptedto flee with a carrier bag containing cans of alcohol. Watched by home buyers and passersby, He was stopped by a police officer and there was a short struggle before he was led away to a police car. And some street drinkers dismissed offers of help being made by police, Others said they were willing to seek advice at one of the centres which had opened for the afternoon contained in the operation. Pohl off white, 60, Who day-to-day in Clifton, Expressed a desire for getting help.

The fatheroftwo said he had been residing in Bristol for 30 years, Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG Where he had become hooked on drink and drugs. He was quoted saying: "I probably are drinking alcoholic beverages every day. We've got no other to do because we're unemployed and when groups of drinkers get together, We connect with others. "There doesn't seem to be the funding exists for us people just say we are 'alkies' and tell us to get lost. There really should be more dropin centres for alcoholics, His 42yearold mate from Lawrence Weston, Who told the Evening Post he was named as Punk Paul, Documented: "Because alcohol is cheap and in everywhere supply, It's the worst addiction to cigarettes of all. "I've been drinking since I came to Bristol four or five in the past. I've been homeless and at times there has been nothing else to do but drink. The person said: "If rrndividuals are drunk and offensive, We merely say 'no'. We occassionally see them coming through the doorway but we've not had abuse from them.

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