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Published: Saturday 16 September, 2017

Bridgeport ed board hears from appliers BRIDGEPORT The won't decide until romantic days celebration who will join them on the ninemember panel but heard this Monday from those still interested and qualifed in the job. Of nine are usually sent letters to Superintendent of Schools John Ramos expressing interest Nike MagistaX Proximo II in filling the seat left vacant by, Only five were sat down with. One choice, Russell Clark, Withdrew his details last Friday.

Was deemed ineligible because although he recently switched parties becoming a Democrat, high top soccer cleats He has to wait several weeks for the registration to be valid. It also could not be calculated that was a Democrat., Students, Did not display. Pouchet, Identified as a community leader who lives on the city's East End, Told the board that if purchased, She would look out for what's in the welfare of children in the city. Her focus perfectly be on spending, Educators and security. She said within the last year, She attended finished 90 percent of board meetings. She said it will be hard to fill Crossin's shoes but would work hard to work. Several consumers lining the board meeting held up signs supporting Pouchet's candidacy.

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