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Published: Thursday 14 September, 2017

I attempt to convey discomfort by stiffening and shifting my body. It's a strategy I remember using as a teenager on dates with handsy boys, and it's proving as ineffective as ever. Missing my nonverbal Nike Magista Obra II FG cues, the massage therapist gives my left shoulder a firm press. I yelp. She apologizes, but soon her hands return to my injured shoulder. I try to relax through the pain. My shoulder is getting sloughed whether I like it or not.

The grey worms of my own exfoliated skin roll off my body and drown in tiny pools of water on the floor. Steve is still in his chair, looking lifeless, but he perks up when I tell him it's time for the evening's big event: dinner. When the Washington Post's restaurant critic, Tom Sietsema, reviewed Spa World's house restaurant last year, he called the vegetarian dumplings "feel good" and the bibimbap "everything I want from the beloved Nike Magista Obra II FG Soccer Boots Asian meal in a bowl." I call them bland. Luckily, there's plenty of Sriracha around, so I drown my meal in rooster sauce while watching a sad faced Asian man slurp soup while tabbing through spreadsheets. Behind me, a cute Russian couple giggles over a Lilliputian dish of kimchi. Both wear towels tied around their heads and twisted into Princess Leia buns. I read a short story about vampires, and empathize with their predicament: An eternity of bland comfort can only lead to despair, ennui and, finally, violence. At first, Spa World seems like a sensory extravaganza; now it's a sensory deprivation tank, with its vast body temperature pools and rooms. I visit a sauna with a floor covered in clay marbles a mosaic of red, grey, and black. Crunching under my feet, the clay balls sound like waves crashing. Slipping through my fingers, they sound like rainfall. Time crawls.

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