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Published: Friday 28 July, 2017

Blue turbo photos shock fans Saucy photos of some former Winnipeg Blue Bomber cheerleaders show a major disrespect to what most patients see as an athletic and demanding sport, Says an area coach. One photo shows a woman in a Bomber cheerleading uniform cupping the chest of another woman also clad in the adidas ACE 17.3 Primemesh AG Soccer Cleats outfit. In an additional photo, A cheerleader moons the camera with the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa phone. "What those sports sportsmen did. Was a major disrespect to the experience. But right away, It's not things team that did that, And it's certainly not the coach that condoned that, Some of snap shots originally appeared on an American website. The posting was named: "Oh europe!

CFL supporter Shows More Than Her Patriotic Side, After the adidas ACE Soccer Cleats photos were published in local news stations last week, Blue super dance team coach Dena Clark resigned. Clark joined the volunteer dance group as a supporter in 1998, And grew to its coach in 2003. The soccer club downplayed questions Monday about the photos and resignation. "A lot of the photos are dated from no later than 2005, And involve those individuals that no longer have a connection with the franchise or have never been affiliated with Blue Lightning at all, Bomber spokesman Arash Madani said in an announcement. Madani confirmed Clark's leaving, But rejected further comment, Saying the team wants to pay attention to Thursday's home game against the Calgary Stampeders. "Recognize, I've got enough injuries of my own, Said Bomber head coach Doug Berry when inquired about the cheerleading situation after the team's practice Monday in Winnipeg.

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