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Published: Wednesday 07 June, 2017

Boys reflect on what they learned in Washington It was an effort, troop leaders said, to propel the boys out of their lives in Fort Pierce crime troubled northwest section where stores have bars on the windows. Poverty rates in their neighborhoods are three times state and national averages, census reports show. The boys returned to that with new outlooks. was great! is taking the initiative and being more tenacious, such as intently leading in a tent setup practice. The scouts chapparones, including St. Lucie County Commissioner Kim Johnson, emphasized how special the Adidas Copa 17.1 FG boys were to be in the nation political center, where they could live if they followed the right path and remain committed. Rep. John Lewis, D Georgia, the last living of the nation top six civil rights leaders of the 1960s. He exhorted them to not let their anger get the best of them, as it sometimes has at their Dan McCarty Middle School were some scouts were frequently sent to the dean office. Zachary Williams, 12, left the meeting impressed by Lewis giving up. He said he was nearly beaten to death. understood the scouts trying to comprehend a place strange to them. In his youth, Johnson was transferred from a school in Fort Pierce to one in Port St. Lucie. There for the first time, he sat before a teacher of a different race who expressed herself in an unfamiliar manner. And he was struck by being among people of other skin colors, he said. Since returning home, the seven boys have been excitedly telling family and friends about what they learned: differences between what they saw in the nation capital and life back home, both big such as visiting the White House and small. The birds in contrast with those in their neighborhoods flew down to the sidewalks to be fed, remarked Zachary. is a lot more walking, said Lenzel Robinson, 12. That led to one of the scouts most talked about episodes: Rep. Patrick Murphy buying all the boys a pair of Nike shoes because one scout feet swelled, making it difficult for him to walk. was an ha moment, Commissioner Johnson said. learned that a congressman personally helped them. Fort Pierce they wear the evidence. went out of his way, Joseph tells his friends. Matthew Henderson, 13, said his friends keep telling him how lucky he was to go on such a trip. His favorite part of the excursion: Standing before tall lifelike sculptures of historic figures Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.

Each scout now talks about their own personal favorite moments: the airplane ride, getting White House souvenirs or seeing the national monuments. Johnson said the trip in deep in the boys. Lenzel has been exhibiting leadership traits since he been home: volunteering to carry boxes of scout supplies. But some adidas Copa 17.1 FG Soccer Cleats still face the same struggles. When asked what he would say about the trip if he was called to stand in front of his class at school, Lenzel said, wouldn do it. I have stage fright. THE JOURNEY The troop is unique in the United States because it is made up of teenage boys with no prior experience in Scouting, according to the regional Boy Scouts of America Gulfstream Council of West Palm Beach. Troop 772 began as the first all African American Boy Scout troop in the Gulf Stream Council in decades, regional officials said. The troop started after several months of discussions and community meetings about gunfire violence in areas of Fort Pierce, and the need to provide good role models for teen boys looking for things to do. Philanthropist and businessman Scott Van Duzer got the ball rolling with a proposal to start Troop 772 in an area with high poverty rates.

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