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Published: Monday 15 May, 2017

Blowing up bites South Australia the hardest The costs of power companies, Energy resources, Educational services and even women's shoes are soaring, And local government charges along with rising prices for necessities such as power and water are being blamed for the cost of living rising at a quicker rate here than any other state capital. Adelaide's inflation rate yr after was 3.6 percent well above the 2.4 per cent recorded in Brisbane which had the minimum inflation rate and easily worse than the 2.9 average recorded by the other capitals. House-holders were Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG Soccer Boots hit with a double whammy of electricity price hikes last year, With the primary Services Commission of SA increasing prices by 12 per cent from January and then energy network owner ETSA increasing charges by 17.44 % from August. Independent watchdog Consumers SA said place budgets"Were really extending" Even though surge in utility costs. "Welfare agencies we talk to say many people are turning to them for help, Spokesperson David Schomburgk said. Utility bills were not the only factor creating the high costs of living, Depending on the SA Centre for Economic Studies.

Executive director Associate Professor Michael O'Neil said the Government's increases in fees and charges such as car registration and its hike in traffic fines last July Soccer Boots For Sale were resulting in Adelaide's high inflation rate, Which was making SA business less low. "The real purchasing power of South aussies would be declining, He was quoted saying. "A higher inflation rate than other capitals is one challenge unions look at with wage demands in order to maintain workers real purchasing power, Adelaide's high inflation rate is specially bad news for tens of thousands of public servants, Whose real wage value went backwards last year after experiencing only a 2.5 percent wage rise. The Public Service union SA, Which will soon start wage negotiations with the state for a new enterprise agreement from July, Said no worker wants to see the real value of their income fall. Shopping for shoes this week in Rundle Mall was student nurse Jess Lee, Who said style and comfort was more important than price. "I haven't really noticed the price changes because I'm more and far more concerned on getting the right shoe to fit my foot, The 24yearold from Croydon who once paid $200 for a footwear for women said,

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