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Published: Friday 10 March, 2017

10 picks for getting fit without breaking budget THE PICK: Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Pair your iPod and Nike + shoes for some motivation. "Not only will it track your run or workout, you can listen to your music and get instant feedback while you work out," says Amy Dixon, contributor and exercise physiologist. The Sport Kit's wireless sensor and receiver work with Nike + shoes and the iPod nano or iPod touch (2nd generation), tracking time, pace, distance and calories burned. PRICE: $29. Nike + shoes and iPod sold separately. THE PICK: NuMetrex apparel. Forget the chest straps. These sports bras and tops have built in heart rate sensors, which pick up the heart's pulse and send it to a compatible watch or cardio machine. The sensors are built into the garments, with a small transmitter snapped into a pocket. "The truth is, when things get sweaty, sometimes traditional heart rate straps can get a little sticky and uncomfortable," said Sunny Sea Gold, health articles editor. The line includes a sports bra, racer tank and men's cardio shirt. PRICE: $49.95, men's shirt is $58.95, transmitter and heart rate monitor watch sold separately.

A complete system starts at $99. This sports watch tells you everything Nike MercurialX Proximo CR7 Vitórias IC Soccer Boots White Blue you need to know about a run or ride pace, distance, time, calories burned and maximum and average heart rate. "It's a bargain for runners interested in tracking both their optimal aerobic zone and how fast they ran," said senior editor Sean Downey. "Post run you can wirelessly upload your workout to Garmin Connect and have it crunch the numbers." The FR60, an update to the Forerunner 50, will be out in June. PRICE: $99.99, speed/cadence sensor and wireless foot pod sold separately. WHERE TO GET IT: Running and sporting goods stores. THE PICK: Garmin Forerunner 205. Use GPS to mark your Nike MercurialX Proximo II route. The wrist mounted device provides real time data, such as speed, distance, average pace and the direction you are running or biking. It can also guide you back to your starting location or any other defined location, so you can save the information for a future route. "It adds another level to be able to track your progress," said tech editor Noah Johnson. "It's kind of motivating in a way."

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