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Published: Friday 17 February, 2017

Navajos do get bright birthday Three weeks within, She wondered whether anybody would care about helping a bunch of teenagers living a world away on the Navajo Indian booking. Amid the bustle of the christmas, Would anybody of which the kids at Whitehorse High School had nothing to open on Christmas? Immediately, Linda Keams has proof that do care. Since she told about her clients' plight in Free Lunch, Deseret Morning News readers have contributed several candy and cash to basketballs and blankets. Now Linda should say"Ah'ehee, And that has"Thanks" By Navajo. "It's been overwhelming i decided to be lucky to give everybody a little stocking of candy, States. "There are some wonderful individuals. Easy methods to a real blessing, As you may recall, Linda, A new Navajo text teacher at Whitehorse High in Montezuma Creek, Was shocked when she discovered that most of her school's 310 students wouldn't receive a single present for Christmas. So she single handedly started a final campaign to get the kids shoes, Stockings, CDs and sweets something to show that they weren't forgotten. With a large number of families on the reservation living in poverty and a 45 percent unemployment rate, Money for Christmas gifts and decorations always has been hard to come by, States. So many people responded to her request for help that Linda hopes to set up a permanent fund to keep up simple needs throughout the school year. New the game of ball shoes for boys who once borrowed old pairs from the coach? Conducted. Eyeglasses for Nike Tiempo Legend VI who weren't able to see the chalkboard in years? Not an issue.

"Even the smallest contribution has made an impact in these kids' lives, Expresses Linda. "Most of my students sourced from single parent homes. Their dads aren't in the image. Their Christmas gift requests weren't anything like what you'd hear elsewhere, One teen told Linda that all he wanted for Christmas was a chain saw so that he could cut enough wood to keep his mother and siblings warm over the winter. An additional boy, Whose father last spring died, Wanted a few bales of hay so he could continue to feed the household's horses. Thanks to your kind positive factors, Linda could fulfill these wishes and more. Several children mailed in their weekly allocation, While one man drove from Salt Lake City with two truckloads of little black dress, Shoes and add-ons. Kerry and Gayle jackson, Those who own Fat Boy Ice Cream, Talked several businesspeople into helping them pay for eye exams and glasses for every Whitehorse teen who needs them. The holiday spirit continues next month, When the Smiths come to town with a truckload of ice cream snacks enough for every kid in school to take home a box. With no electrical power in many isolated homes, "They'll have to eat them every time they hop on the bus, Promises Linda, Having a laugh. "That have to be one interesting bus ride, A few stomachaches will be a small investment, States, Those smiles she saw before Christmas vacation. Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Soccer Boots Black Orange White "Recognize people care will touch these students' lives in other ways, Affirms Linda. "Maybe they'll work harder in school or do something nice for someone. This is the real benefit,

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