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Published: Monday 13 February, 2017

Nike has arrange co Not long after Nike Mercurial Victory VI AG and Visvim had published the preview pictures of their new designed shoes, They has recently put this co branded shoes on sale recently. It has been the second tremendous cooperation between those two top level"Fashion products" Simply published their 2010 moncler jackets series Modern Alpine feature.

The design of this new hiking shoes took it's origin from former Visvim hiking shoes series Serra. Focusing on them carefully, We can easily find they've so many parts in common with Visvim serra. Then again, Some differences also exist in these sneakers. To start, You will find a Moncler logo behind the shoes, Quite eye catching. Additional this, You can find other logos which lay beside the shoelaces and under the sole. Furthermore, The main specifics of Visvim serra have been changed apparently in these new shoes.Nike Mercurial Soccer Boots The special colour of Moncler red, White and blue are available in the biting mark in the tongue, The shoelace and a common. As an affiliate, There is definately any Visvim logos on Moncler new series. This footwear is made of good quality black leather, Helping to make you look cool and mature. The bright colour of the shoelaces and sole make you look active and energeticwhich fit climbing adventure lovers rather effectively. So frequent cooperation between those two top companies indicate they've already won mutual respect, Have confidence, And delight in. It is evident that there will be a long term cooperation between them. So the services which melt with the idea of both Moncler and Visvim absolutely deserves our attention and will give us so many surprises. Let's just wait and see variety of new moncler jackets and shoes will they produce.

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