News; Classic Nike Mercurial Superfly CR TF Metallic Silver White Hype

Published: Thursday 03 December, 2015

air jordan shoes So my question is are they authentic Jordan shoes? And can authentic Jordan shoes be made in indonesia?Most Air Jordan shoes are manufactured oversea's, in Asia (including Indonesia). If you want to be sure or their authenticity, here is some information you can us below. Pay attention to 10: The first place to check is the production numbers. You do this by nike turf soccer shoes matching the number on the inside tag with the number on the box. 2. The original retro ones are the only Air Jordan to feature the swoosh on the outside. However, the original 2 8's do feature one on the insole. Besides those shoes, Nike swoosh's on Air Jordans means beware. 3. Your shoes should never be wrapped in tissue paper, only the standard brownish paper standard on most Nike shoes. 4. Look for the Jumpman logo on chrome lace ends, for shoes that come with them. 6. Beware unbelievable colors! Check a model guide (Google "Air Jordan model guide" for a COMPLETE listing of colorways.

And yes, this means All Sponge Bob print Air Jordans are fake. 7. Look for obvious deformities in your jumpman logos! Misshapen arms, midsections, heads take a look at the jumpman to the right, for instance. Remember, you're paying a premium for a premium shoe. Air Jordans don't disappoint. 8. The box that fake Air Jordans come in doesn't have the same print quality as the authentic Air Jordan boxes. Click on the photo to the right to see an enlarged example. 9. On the inside of the boxes, the following number is never valid: 335x23?12 10. Beware of shoes being shipped from Asia on eBay. Not always fake, but highly suspect. 11. Any shoe marked "B" grade on a website or in a shoe means it has a defect. These shoes are commonly available at factory outlets, or wholesalers that would have ties to Nike corporate. Nike Mercurial Superfly Turf If in doubt about a site, a good first check is their 'About Us' page. Some, if not most sites that sell factory variants, will tell you so. First though, always check our site list. 13. If the retro card inside the box, or any other card your particular Air Jordan model comes with, is obviously copied or otherwise fake looking, the shoes probably are too. 14. Take a look at the font on the black label on the side of the box. Fake Air Jordans usually don't use the correct font Check the enlarged photo. 15. No perforated inside labels! Ever! 16. All your Air Jordans have their release dates, to the day, printed on the tag! Use this info to double check rarity, and as a check to determine between Air Jordan Retros and Originals.

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