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Published: Thursday 03 November, 2016

Jarrow Crusade prepared for as jobless rises College students are to retrace the Jarrow Crusade to demand action on record youth unemployment. The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign has formally unveiled plans for the march to coincide with the 75th anniversary of original march from Jarrow to London in October, 1936. Can be in Parliament yesterday came as 5,000 more people joined the dole queue in the North East in the three months to January with youth lack of employment soaring nationwide. Unemployment in the community rose by 4% to 129,000 over the time, Based on official figures. Nationalized, The number of 16 to 24 year olds laid-off reached its highest level since records began in 1992. The entire rose by 30,000 in order to really 974,000, Which probably David Cameron said was"Unsatisfactory, The unemployment rate for youth also reached a record high of 20.6%, Through by 0.8% The dole queue in the united states climbed above 2.5m to a 17 year high. Function overall jobless rose by 27,000 in the ninety days to January, Depending on Office for National Statistics(Ves). Ben brown, Chairman of the union backed Youth Fight for Jobs advertising plan, These: "In north of manchester East, The joblessness figures are 25% higher than they are for the UK average. It is terrible. We are going back to the era of the Great Depression in the 1930s, He claimed teenagers were facing the"Same stipulations" As when 200 unemployed workers marched 250 miles from Jarrow on Parliament demanding jobs and the authority to a decent living. Around 50 people are hoped for to complete the new march, With hopes that hundreds of others will join protests along the route for example outside Nick Clegg's constituency office in Sheffield. Student Dylan Hussey, 17, Is one who will be marching, Not least because of his link to the original demo. "The Jarrow March is something my kinfolk have talked about since I was a child. My great grandfather was the type men who matched from Nike Magista Obra II FG Soccer Boots White Blue Red Volt Jarrow to London. "My nan used to tell me stories of her life in Jarrow in the 1930s where she'd run around with no shoes on because no one had money for their kids' shoes, Except for the one pair of black pumps she had but those were only won every sunday for Church, He was quoted saying. Frequent left wing Labour MP John McDonnell warned of a"Present day tragedy" And urged visitors to back the new Jarrow March. Shiny Wrack, General assistant of the FBU firefighters union, Echoed those warnings declaring youth joblessness was a"Horrendous blight" Which will claim a"Lost iteration, Commenting on yesterday's joblessness figures, Utilization Minister Chris Grayling said: "There is theme and bad news in these figures.

"There's been a welcome drop in the number of individuals on benefits, And the rise in full time private sector jobs is a step in the right direction. "But the rise in overall having been fired is a real concern and underlines the need to press ahead with policies which will further stimulate growth in the private sector, But John jogger, Chairman of the Federation of Nike Magista Obra II FG smaller businesses, Recounted: "With youth being out of work at a 27 year high, The federal government is making a mistake by scrapping the Graduate Internship scheme, Due to find an end this month, In addition Martina Milburn, Leader of youth charity The Prince's Trust, Stated: "Each month this year youth jobless figures have reached record levels. Sadly Britain is breaking records for all your wrong reasons, POSTROOM workers at the holding company for portion of the old Northern Rock could be made redundant, It will be revealed. Almost 70 posts are going to go at bases in Gosforth, Newcastle and Doxford pool, In about Sunderland, As the firm executing work from Northern Rock's 'bad' bank Northern Rock Asset Management looks to outsource. The flat, This manages assets for nationalised Bradford and Bingley, Has said consultation will open later in the year on jobs but would not confirm where the contract most probably will go. A spokesman for UK Asset completion(UKAR) Alleged: "Ukar is picked up maximising value to the taxpayer. "This is long term strategy and like any reliable company, We continually review our business to ensure we are operating as proficiently as possible, He Fleming, For join forces the Union, Agreed: "The industrious staff at UK Asset Resolution, Which were previously utilised by Northern Rock, Have seen many turmoil since the near collapse of Northern Rock. "Unite is alarmed at the chance of any further job losses in this North East based finance company, Call centre set aside for closure THE future of more than 300 call centre jobs was unclear last night as unions claim a leaked document reveals plans to downsize subsequently shut down operations on Tyneside.

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