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Published: Wednesday 06 July, 2016

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Mens Soccer Cleats Volt Black Hyper TurquoiseRed Shirt direct orders continue despite state of emergency in Bangkok 09 Damaged spot COLVIN: Nike Mens Soccer Cleats There's no sign of Bangkok's mass protests coming in order despite an official state of emergency. There are arrest warrants out for the authority of the so-Called Red Shirt movements, But attempts to control them so far have been largely useless. Thousands of ucheap-Shirts still blockade the city's commercial centre, From where our correspondent Mark Willacy spoke to me a few months ago. Symbolic representation WILLACY: Easily, I'm available heart of Bangkok. This is the spot that the Red Shirts have basically taken over for four weeks now. In fact the protest is now keying in its fifth week. So we're flanked with people wearing red shirts, Many England soccer jerseys to Liverpool jerseys for people who don't have a plain red shirt. This type of person here. They're listening to political songs has. Earlier have been some quite fiery political rhetoric up on stage. They've basically shut this commercial district down now as I say for a month and that's starting to cost the Thai economy quite a deal of money and technically this is an illegal gathering because under your emergency operating in Bangkok now, Any gathering greater than five people is technically banned. Heed COLVIN: And come across arrest warrants out for many, A lot of leaders, Another 17 arrest justifies today. Is there any sign of control there? Imprint WILLACY: Definitely. We heard from one of these leaders today and he was quite fiery in his rhetoric. He was saying basically people have got to get ready for the prospect that there might be bloodshed because the Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, He generally speaking, Depending on the leaders of the Red Shirt movement, Doesn't want to extend the people any extra rights and in fact is prepared to use within the armed forces to try and suppress them. There's some quite fiery rhetoric and it was an act of defiance that these leaders were even arriving. As you named, An extra 17 arrest justifies out now. So that's 24 arrest justifies in total. But as we figure out it, Not one arrest has been produced. So at this stage it looks more like a Mexican stand-Absent from. Grade COLVIN: Do you think that the arrest warrants haven't been carried out because they guys are hard to get at or is it because the, The military services, The authorities are waiting to know which way to jump?

Spot WILLACY: I think there may be a, A few both, Both associated with these reasons could be behind that. They're worried that if they do act on these arrest warrants it could mean coming into the heart of this demonstration here in the Bangkok and basically trying to drag people away. Now that would obviously inflame all the Red Shirt supporters and might lead to a violent confrontation. What's more, As you talked about, There has been reports that the military is not quite sure which way to jump on this issue. There were some reports earlier in the week that there was some tension between the us government and the military. The military was concerned that their personnel weren't given enough powers to defend themselves in case of demonstrations leaving hand. Now we don't know exactly what way within the armed forces would jump if they were ordered to come in here, Act on the arrest court police arrest warrants, Disperse the crowd as outlined by the state of emergency. That could be a very worthwhile test indeed for the military hierarchy here. Marking COLVIN: And now there are two centres of Nike Hypervenom Phantom II hindrance, The one what your address is and further north of Bangkok at a satellite station. Trace WILLACY: You better believe it. Yesterday we saw the federal government move to try and silence the demonstrators, To stop the Red-Shirts by shutting down a TV station loyal with their cause. Correct this, They not only did that but they pulled the plug on 36 websites also connected to the demonstrators. Now today the demonstrators say, Well you skill, We can also. So they want started moving towards a satellite earth-Link station north of money, On the outskirts of the capital here in Bangkok and the idea is that to basically let's lay siege to that and try and shut down the us govenment now that ours has been shut down.

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