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Published: Thursday 26 November, 2015

Back To The Future News and Information pg 2 Two bits of automotive movie history at a Profiles in History Nike MagistaX Proximo auction held earlier this month have drawn massive bids from collectors. As you may recall, Steve McQueen's racing suit costume from Le Mans was poised to go under the gavel with the auction house estimating the Gulf Oil suit would fetch between $200,000 and $300,000. Hemmings says that by the time the last bid came in, the suit had fetched a staggering $984,000, thereby proving that when it comes to celebrity auctions, few names can There are reported to be just three surviving Back to the Future Delorean DMC 12 movie cars left in existence, and only one of those is held in a private collection.

Next month, you'll have a chance to take it home. One of the stainless steel wonders used in Back to the Future III is headed to the Profiles in History auction block. The Icons of Hollywood auction will feature a litany of items from the trilogy, including the vest worn by Michael J. Fox's character Marty McFly and a remote control What does Back to the Future have to do with electric cars? Sure, you might have answered this electric DeLorean (or this one), but that's not what we're about today. Today, the 25 year old movie reference is to be applied to the California Plug In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, which made an announcment at Universal Studios Hollywood today about its plan to make the state, "be ready for up to 1 million plug in hybrid and battery powered cars by 2020." The Collaborative says it chose the spot " The seller states he's not really sure what this car is worth. Here's our estimate: it's worth even less than a regular '89 Scirocco with 123,000 miles. Why? Because it's been molested into a Delorean imposter. Not just any Delorean, either, but the Back To The Future Delorean, which so many people feel compelled to recreate as a rolling manifestation of their overdeveloped love for a movie prop. Don't get us wrong, the BTTF DMC's masterful design has had astounding resonance with the public, be Kobe Bryant showed up at UNDFTD this week to kick off the release of Nike's new McFly Nike TF Soccer Cleats Hyperdunks. The McFlys are Back to the Future themed basketball shoes, with a color scheme inspired by the shoes Michael J. Fox wore in Back to the Future II. They come complete with "2015" emblazoned on the right shoe's tongue, while the left one features the BTTF arrow logos. Kobe showed up at the completely mobbed event in what else a DeLorean done up just like Doc Brown's movie car. The perennial All

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